Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Welcome to Once Upon a Desire, the official blog for Aurora Hylton. I am an aspiring writer of erotic fiction. It is hard to find a market for truly explicit sex stories. My work is not violent and not degrading, but I do sometimes write about controversial topics such as incest between same-sex siblings. I have some training in psychology and the question about how such a relationship could occur fascinates me. I do not write about opposite sex incest as I find it repulsive. Perhaps this is because I have a brother and could not imagine ever having sex with my own brother. I also think that incest between parent and child is wrong at any age. Perhaps the idea of same sex sibling incest is less repulsive because the relationship tends to be more equal and because it could never result in pregnancy. There are reasons why incest tends to be off-putting on an instinctual level. There tend to be congenital abnormalities in children who are the product of incest.
As such, it is hard for my work to find a market. Most publishers have a specific no-incest clause. I did work briefly in publishing erotica with a now-defunct website in the early 1990's and many of the submissions we got were pretty nauseating. There were a lot of father-daughter incest pieces followed pretty equally by mother-son and brother-sister. So I can certainly understand this rule. But it does make it difficult to market some of my pieces.
I had not written erotica in a while, having given up to pursue my career in health care. But now that my son is an adult, I have decided to begin writing again.
I would like to make it clear from the start that just because I write erotica, I am not seeking any sort of cyber-sex relationship or "hook up." I think anyone looking for such would be pretty disappointed in me. I am 45 years old and heavyset, not a sexy MILF with a killer bod, and my actual sexual tastes tend to be pretty vanilla, boring heterosexual mom and pop stuff. I had some ugly things happen to me at a young age and my childhood was pretty dysfunctional. I think that my writing might be a way to deal with some of the subconscious stuff that is stuck in my head. Plus, I have been with a wonderful man for the past four years, and we're not the "swinging" types.
As well, while I certainly appreciate thoughts about my story, I am not going to respond to sexual comments directed at ME. You can tell me that my writing is hot (thanks!) but don't tell me that I'm hot and start telling me all the stuff you'd like to do to me. Not interested. I used to get a lot of these emails when I worked on the old site and really, they did not turn me on. Quite the opposite, in fact. And how silly of these guys (it was always guys) to say they wanted to fuck me. How did they know? They didn't even know what I looked like! I've never been a raging beauty, but I was 15 years younger and 100 pounds thinner back then. So, let's skip the cyber-perv stuff and keep comments to the stories.
Having gotten that out of the way--welcome! Hope you enjoy.