Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Nerves Can Go But the Romance Should Stay

Ladies, according to the guys at GuySpeak, when a fellow acts flustered around you, it's a sign that he's into you. They go on to discuss how this disappears the longer you're together. I had a few thoughts to share.

Almost six years into our marriage (nine years into our relationship) my husband (second) still brings me flowers and says the most lovely things that I feel don't describe me at all. However, what has disappeared is the nervousness. He says these lovely things without blushing or stuttering. Having been married previously (to my grown childrens' father) I think that the relationships that keep the romance are the ones that are most likely to survive. Naturally the insecurity about making oneself vulnerable will disappear--and it should. But the romance never should or the relationship is doomed to becoming at the very least dull and at worst to destruction. The romance was muchly gone from my first marriage after our first child was born (two years in) was gone by the seventh year and third child, and had turned to animosity by the twelfth year. Both parties have to work at keeping it going--and it shouldn't feel like work!