Sunday, May 8, 2011

There are men who like...gasp...fat women???

I guess the Universe thought that I needed steam coming out my ears today. Here is an article in the Village Voice about PERVERTS who like...shudder....FAT WOMEN!!!!
In actuality, the article states that the "regular" men whose partners happened to be (gasp) fat did not identify as chubby chasers. But there's still that message of "why would a skinny dude date a (blech) fat chick???"
I said this on the Facebook page that linked to the article:
Um...shocker here! Fat women are people too! And some people like them. However, as a fat woman, I was always pissed off by "chubby chasers" the same way a woman with big breasts might be pissed off by a man who was only interested in her for her chest. I didn't think I'd ever get married again, but I did--to a guy who liked me for ME, not because he was obsessed with a particular type of physique. We were friends for a number of years before we became more and he had dated women of all different sizes and types including a supermodel-looking woman. Articles like this annoy me. We are all human, regardless of size or body type.

And here was my comment on the article itself:
Huh--imagine the idea that a guy might meet a woman who HAPPENED to be fat and he might decide that he likes her as a person. Gee, that's pretty damn radical right there!
I am a plus-sized woman married to an average-size man, whom I was friends with for a number of years before we became more than friends. He has never cared about a person's size. He dated a variety of women of different body types--including a supermodel type--before he and I realized we belonged together. Guess what he liked best about me--my personality. Now, there's a shocking notion!
This society is way too concerned with what is supposed to be "sexy." We are very superficial, and it's very sad.


Unknown said...

This was in response to a commenter on the article who kept talking about how "unhealthy" fat was and how she found her "healthy mate" and she can keep up with him because she's "in shape."
Pardon me for wanting to find this bitch and sit on her--I hate arrogance at any size.
"As a soon-to-be MD, he also wants a mate that can keep up, live a long and healthy life, and raise healthy children. Thanks!"

The "unhealthy" fat women in my family live into their 80's and 90's. I gave birth to and raised three healthy children who range in sizes from slim to chunky. They all take care of themselves. I can keep up with my slim husband. We go hiking and cross country skiing. So glad you found your healthy mate. My man found his too.