Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wish I could go back to bed. But I have to drag myself out to work third shift. Booooo!

Sometimes I can't believe what I find myself writing. Then I have to analyze where its coming from. Our past can really mess with our heads.

The Last Resort Small Dog Rescue (formerly The Poodle Preserve)

Seriously--aren't there far bigger "problems" in the world than homosexuality--which is not in fact a problem, it is a sexual orientation.

Facebook | Empowering Spirits Foundation: American Family Assoc. Radio Host: 'It's Time To Imprison All Gays'

Watching "Desperation" on Syfy. Need to get a little more sleep. Have to work third shift tonight. :-p

Follow @carelpedre, Haiti earthquake survivor for updates on Haiti.

Phone Detective | Wealthy Healthy and Wise

Think I'm finally caught up with follow backs and, unfortunately, a few blocks.

Another "hornymatches" Spammer blocked. These people drive me crazy!

Yes I write erotica, but that doesn't mean I won't block you if you're a XXXblackbook, Hornymatches, or other adult Spammer. Yikes! Check out the face on this evil satan spawn kid! Funny. So many dogs at this shelter, some need homes NOW! Visit.

RT @matadornetwork Fight leprosy. Fight stigma.

Friday, January 15, 2010

YouTube - KTLA Anchor Slams Perez Hilton

White House Says Haiti Statements by Robertson and Limbaugh Are �Really Stupid� - Political Punch

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally reading Motley Crue: The Dirt. Even if you're not a Crue fan (I am!) what a great book! If you like biographies this is a winner.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

If You Never Failed, You�ve Never Lived

DivineCaroline: Financial Planning and Career Building - DivineCaroline


The 15 most toxic places to live | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Streaaming Live News from Haiti

Watch live streaming video from tele_lakay_tv at

Procrastinating. Had a meeting to go to for work today, now need to visit parents, but feel soooo lazy! And its rush hour. Ahg! stopthehate

Safeguarding Cyrus the Great Cylinder Petition

For any of you in Haiti or with relatives in Haiti my best wishes that everything will be okay for you. So sad about this disaster.

The Electric Egg Cream » STRIPPED ON THE RAILS

Help stop another bad idea from Alaska and save the Clean Air Act. @credomobile Pls RT CleanAirAct

BBC - dot.Maggie: 'I hate the net' - porn star Ron Jeremy stopthehate

BBC News - Having a big bum, hips and thighs 'is healthy' stopthehate

Help @FilmLadd and @JayLink_ stopthehate

stopthehate initiative

StoptheHate Day on Twitter | THE CHRIS VOSS SHOW

Monday, January 11, 2010

I now have 15,978 words and 58 pages in my manuscript!

Ask the Publishing Guru: Why Every Author Should Blog & Use Social Media

Recession Generation Will Spend Less for Life -

Sneezing my head off for no apparent raisin.

Ralphie the buffalo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Arresting Ana

Should Pro-Anorexia Websites Be Banned? | Women's Rights |

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lazy Aurora needs to go do some actual work taking care of people. I don't feel like taking care of anybody tonight! So uninspired. :-(

Ooookay, Ping, why am I having to log in twice??? Nevermind, adding new networks. Hopefully it will be a slow night!

How much sense does it make that a person with as much padding as I have is cold all the time? You'd think that I'd stay nice and toasty!

It still gets dark way too early and I have to work another night shift tonight. :0p Want to walk the dogs before it gets dark.

I got a Mr. Coffee brand tea brewer which I'm addicted to and a Jack LaLanne juicer that I'm just learning how to use. So far I love it!

Also made a resolution to stay hydrated. Have my water bottle with the measure on the side. But its usually full of herbal tea. got the buffalo jerky and the fruit stix. A bit expensive but way better than store bought. Worth the price!

Resolving to eat more vegetables and fruits and fewer processed foods for snacks rather than to lose x number of pounds. Also more exercise.

On a personal note I'm not unrealistic enough to try and get skinny (would be stupid--I'm a big woman) but I would like to lose a little.

He'd start out by being a pal, showing Eddy how to improve his style. This was going to be a real challenge with Mr. Pocket Protector.

That wouldn't be good, seeing as he had to live with Redhead Ed all year. Jacob didn't like having stalkers. So he knew he had to go slow.

Jacob could see trouble if he tried to school Eddie in the manlier skills right away. This desperate deuce would just fall in love with him.

The other fellows in the dorm called him Edgar Hand-Rat. The implication was that Eddy spent a lot of time stroking his "hand rat."

Jacob's roommate was a dorky fellow named Edgar Haanraats. He was pink-skinned, green-eyed, and carroty-colored curly hair. Not a stud.

Jacob went to the big state university where he knew a guy like him should have no trouble finding many willing partners. He was right.

This story is all in fun. There won't be any real tragedies--like this episode of Law & Order SVU I just watched. Wow, that was messed up!

Decided to call my little Twitter Novel "All Natural Jay" in honor of its randy hero, Jacob Nagel.

Wow, have been so busy on everything else over the holidays! Time for a little creative space. Move over, everybody, Big Aurora is here!