Tuesday, May 10, 2011

@heybarry92 I've never known anyone who can breathe thru their butt but have known plenty of people who talk out their ass! How bout adopting a black cat? They are least likely to be adopted.

Ugh! Studying for the NCLEX is the pits. Nursing programs really should devote an entire class to this rather than lame socialization class. Know someone with Crohn's? Tell them about this blog! Real-world tips for living with the disease.

Monday, May 9, 2011 May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Why The Unemployment Rate Is About To "Fall Hard" via @themoneygame

WTF? I swear I've caught Alzheimers--I had my phone right in front of me just a second ago! (Not trying to make fun of Alzheimer's patients)

Sunday, May 8, 2011 another fun and crazy blog. For those who like offbeat humor and heavy metal. Shocking news--some people like people who are fat.

There are men who like...gasp...fat women???

I guess the Universe thought that I needed steam coming out my ears today. Here is an article in the Village Voice about PERVERTS who like...shudder....FAT WOMEN!!!!
In actuality, the article states that the "regular" men whose partners happened to be (gasp) fat did not identify as chubby chasers. But there's still that message of "why would a skinny dude date a (blech) fat chick???"
I said this on the Facebook page that linked to the article:
Um...shocker here! Fat women are people too! And some people like them. However, as a fat woman, I was always pissed off by "chubby chasers" the same way a woman with big breasts might be pissed off by a man who was only interested in her for her chest. I didn't think I'd ever get married again, but I did--to a guy who liked me for ME, not because he was obsessed with a particular type of physique. We were friends for a number of years before we became more and he had dated women of all different sizes and types including a supermodel-looking woman. Articles like this annoy me. We are all human, regardless of size or body type.

And here was my comment on the article itself:
Huh--imagine the idea that a guy might meet a woman who HAPPENED to be fat and he might decide that he likes her as a person. Gee, that's pretty damn radical right there!
I am a plus-sized woman married to an average-size man, whom I was friends with for a number of years before we became more than friends. He has never cared about a person's size. He dated a variety of women of different body types--including a supermodel type--before he and I realized we belonged together. Guess what he liked best about me--my personality. Now, there's a shocking notion!
This society is way too concerned with what is supposed to be "sexy." We are very superficial, and it's very sad. Tiki the Penguin's food guide for kids

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Saturday, May 7, 2011 Fat Bottom Cabaret: Hell yeah!

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Night of the Lepus with DeForest Kelley on TCM. Hilarious! Rest in peace, dearest Dr. McCoy. Saw him at Star Con when I was 20. A great man! For those who've been hurt by words.

Thursday, May 5, 2011 Remember the Ritter Rules

Wednesday, May 4, 2011 Better have some Sanity Watchers points to read it.

Fuck ranch dressing. Vile snot sauce loaded with MSG--now I've got a headache. My own fault for consuming a chicken RANCH sandwich--idiot! Oh, those silly silly gays using pink tar in building!

The Media Hates Any Non-Thin Body

A response to this post about photoshopped models:

I agree with what Heather said. Also, I wanted to say that the photoshopped image on the right in the first photo is horrific. I was a teenager in the late 1970's and early 1980's, and I became bulimic because I didn't look like the photos in the magazines. Like Heather, I am also "morbidly obese," although I disagree with that term because I am not "morbidly" anything. I am basically quite healthy. I also am not the "lazy fatty" stereotype. I work a lot, on my feet. In fact, I have hardly ever met a lazy fatty.
We larger people have very few positive representations of us in the media. The so called "plus size" models are actually average size women (size 10-12) It's no wonder that girls who don't fit the "model mold" (which is most of them) have body image issues.

Apparently @ KenCuccinelli has a beard fetish. "How much would I give to be 1 of the 72 Virginans Osama is 'hanging out' with since Sunday?"

Gay Men are Not Stereotypes

This was a response to a post by Reformed Player at GuySpeak about what gay men hate about straight women.

I love hanging out with gay men. It comes easy for me, because my brother is gay. I don't think any of his crew has ever had a problem with me because I treat everyone like a human being rather than a stereotype. Like one of the commenters above, I have met a mix of people from guys who like to dress in drag and go clubbing to guys who love talking about fashion (and somehow it's more fun to talk fashion with them than with women) to quiet guys who don't "project" their sexuailty in any way. The important thing is to treat people like people and not stereotypes. I've always been welcome at the gay nightclubs because I go there to have a good time with friends. Unfortunately my work schedule is such that I don't get to do so much any more but I'm hoping that will change soon!

Helping seals who are bludgeoned to death in Canada

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talk Dirty to Me

A response to a post at GuySpeak, where the questioner stated that her boyfriend wanted for her to talk dirty during sex but she was embarrassed.


Talking dirty isn't for everyone. But lots of people enjoy it!

I enjoy dirty pillow talk. My ex husband did not. That's not the reason he's my ex husband, but once we divorced I realized that it was just one more way that we weren't really compatible.
My current husband is Norwegian, and while I have learned some Norwegian, he could be reciting a recipe for pancake batter while we were having it off and I would still be turned on! If you've ever seen A Fish Called Wanda, it's true that for some of us anyway, being talked to in a foreign language is very sexy. 

Silent Tears

I was raised that it was immature and annoying to cry so I forced myself not to cry when anyone could see me. I was unable to cry at the funerals of any of my grandparents or my uncle. I cry in the shower or do the drivin' and cryin' thing. I hold things in and become very depressed. I think it's terrible that people are so shamed that they can't cry. It's very healing.

@matadornetwork My thought when I heard about Bin Laden's death was along the lines of it being retribution for pain his actions caused.

38 questions for those cheering Osama bin Laden’s death RT @matadornetwork Tee hee!

Monday, May 2, 2011 Ok, it's not nice to celebrate somebody's death--but this says it all! I just saw this. What can be said--good news!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

RT @CA_DMV Did you know approx. 38 kids each year die from heat related deaths from being trapped in cars? childsafety