Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jillian Michaels: The Biggest Liar?

It comes as no surprise to me that fitness guru Jillian Michaels is being sued for overinflated claims about the effectiveness of her dietary supplement.
Most weight loss supplements contain high levels of caffeine which can initially promote minor weight loss due to an increase in energy. However, the pros are greater than the cons. Caffeine causes adrenal stress. Adrenal stress causes overproduction of cortisol, which causes the body to hold onto fat stores. Plus, if a person has hypertension or a heart condition, these supplements can actually pose a real danger to a person's health.
Taking a balanced whole vitamin supplement plus extra B vitamins if in a high stress lifestyle and EFA's for mood is enough for most people. There are other supplements which are safe and can be helpful for specific health conditions.
Actually, this news re: Ms. Michaels doesn't much surprise me. She doesn't seem like she actually likes people very much. I feel that her attitude towards the people she's supposed to be helping tends to be disdainful. She comes off like a drill sergeant.