Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fat Broad Speaks on Size Prejudice

Size prejudice is very real and very ridiculous. This world is tough enough, we should be kind to each other. I work in the medical profession and there are healthy large people and unhealthy skinny ones, as well as the other way around. Also the idea that all fat people are lazy gluttons is erroneous. Most big people work hard although some have handicaps that keep them from doing so. Don't judge what ya don't know--that's what I taught my own kids.
For what its worth, my husband is very slender and he is not a "chubby chaser." He doesn't have a fetish for heavy women. The woman he dated before me had super-model looks. He and I were just friends at the time. One of the reasons he stopped dating her was because she was so obsessed with her appearance that she spent all the time fixing her makeup, talking about dieting, makeup, or working out, and putting down other people's looks. My man is a very easygoing guy and he didn't care for that attitude. We fell in love with each other's personalities. Though he really is adorable, and I, of course, am drop dead sexy! ;-D 
My husband and I don't talk about our exes much, but I have to say that I disliked this gal from the time I met her on instinct and the more he told me, the more I disliked her. The reason she started dating him? His sexy European (Norwegian) accent. Thereafter she picked him apart and tried to change everything about him. She was always after him to go to the gym, bulk up, and get hair plugs. If he cared about doing any of those things I'd support him, just like he supports my efforts to lose weight when I'm inspired to try to do so. But we love each other as we are. Dating someone for what they COULD be is always an exercise in failure. Believe me, I know. I did it many a time in the past. "He COULD BE a really great guy if he'd just stop drinking." Yeah...I know that one all too well!