Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gay Men are Not Stereotypes

This was a response to a post by Reformed Player at GuySpeak about what gay men hate about straight women.

I love hanging out with gay men. It comes easy for me, because my brother is gay. I don't think any of his crew has ever had a problem with me because I treat everyone like a human being rather than a stereotype. Like one of the commenters above, I have met a mix of people from guys who like to dress in drag and go clubbing to guys who love talking about fashion (and somehow it's more fun to talk fashion with them than with women) to quiet guys who don't "project" their sexuailty in any way. The important thing is to treat people like people and not stereotypes. I've always been welcome at the gay nightclubs because I go there to have a good time with friends. Unfortunately my work schedule is such that I don't get to do so much any more but I'm hoping that will change soon!