Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Playing Dress Up Doesn't Turn Boys Gay

The Dumb Blog mentioned a controversy regarding a video where a woman paints her little boy's nails. Because there are no real problems in this world for us to worry about, this is very, very controversial. 

When my brother was little he liked playing dress up in our grandma's old clothes with me. He is gay. But when my male cousin was little he liked having my aunt put his sister's barrettes in his hair. He is a big burly macho fireman who is heterosexual. Nail polish and "girly" things don't turn a boy gay. By the way, I love my brother and he is wonderful just the way he is. He's a social worker and he's helped a lot of kids. He helped me with my own kids when I was going through a really rough period in my life. He was the #1 male figure in my son's life. My son happens to be heterosexual. Maybe if people stopped worrying so much about people being gay (they're born that way) and stopped thinking gay was abnormal, nobody would care when little boys wanted to play with dolls or have fun playing dress-up or putting on nail polish.