Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adult Friend Finder and Me

A friend who does affiliate marketing suggested I should "monetize" my blog. I don't know the first thing about it, but she suggested I should set up an Adult Friend Finder banner at the bottom of my blog to start. I'm not sure I really want to do the whole webmistress thing, but I also figure this can't hurt. Most adult sites seem to advertise Adult Friend Finder.
So I'm now an affiliate. I'm not claiming I'm some kind of expert because I'm not at all, but I guess if you are thinking of setting up an adult blog or website, it can't hurt you to be an affiliate for them, and if someone actually clicks on it we make a little money. So if you want to be an affiliate too, you can click here. Since it doesn't cost anything to join, it can't hurt. I'm sure as hell not about to join anything where I have to pay to advertise them!
My friend also said I should put at least three links to Adult Friend Finder in my post. I guess that helps the "bots" to "spider" the site, or something like that. Man, if I want to feel dumb, I'll start trying to tell people about how to be an e commerce guru! Because I don't know jack shit about it! I sound like Beavis and Butthead trying to explain it. "So, like, you should have, like, three links, or something. Because then, like, the bots will put spiders on your page and stuff." Beavis and Butthead would probably be as good at internet marketing as I am!
Well, that banner is probably my big excursion into e-commerce. I don't know if I'll even ever set up a website except for this blog! Maybe we'll see once I actually finish my book and get it published. I don't know the first thing about building a website and I really don't want to pay anybody a lot of money to build one for something I don't even know will sell.
But I guess now I'm a professional adult web mistress--I have an Adult Friend Finder banner, the badge of adult sites on the internet! ;-)