Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Working Hard!

I'm excited to have found a potential publisher once I actually have a book together. I've decided to make my tale a modern Gothic mystery in the vein of V.C. Andrews, but more explicit. I just love those cheesy old V.C. Andrews tales! It's a difficult thing because such stories often include an element of perversion, including incest. I do understand why most publishers don't want to touch explicit incest, especially if it is between parent and child. I do not believe that incest between parent and child can ever be truly consensual, even if both are adults. There is always an element of power over in such a relationship. I truly cannot understand how a parent could engage in such a relationship with their child. I am astounded by what Mackenzie Phillips revealed regarding her father. I love those old Mamas and Papas songs, but they are somewhat tainted for me now, knowing what John Phillips coerced his vulnerable daughter into.
In my story, the sisters, Flora and Fawna (yes, cheesy!) have a long-standing consensual sexual relationship. Freud might have a field day with me for my being inspired to write such a thing, but I might just baffle him as much as I baffle myself. I do have a sister. I would not want to have sex with her any more than I would want to have sex with my brother. I truly think this choice of subject matter is a way of dealing with having been molested by female peers during my childhood. I do not feel sexual desire for my sister or any of my female cousins. I do not look at other women in the locker room or such and feel sexual desire. But I can get aroused watching lesbian porn.
I believe that for all women the idea of a sister is someone that we can trust implicitly and if we have been harmed sexually, the sister, be she real or a part of our own psyche, may be the one person we think we could trust in that fashion. I have not had many people in my life that I felt I could trust, so this may be my inspiration.
Fortunately my man has not branded me a pervert and is supportive of my creation of this novel. I hope it will be a fun and interesting story and although it will contain explicit sex, that will not be its sole reason for existing. I hope to add plenty of mystery, intrigue, and a supernatural twist as well.