Sunday, December 13, 2009

Changes Again

A story, especially in its early stages, must remain dynamic. And don't I sound like such the expert? I would never make such a claim. A rank amateur when it comes to exposure as a writer. But I have been writing all my life and I know that when I adhere to too many rules my writing becomes stagnant.
My story is now sci-fi, and the premise is that a race of alien psychic vampires are using the thoughts of the weaker human race to sustain them. The sisters are trying to figure out how to defeat this enemy. There are other twists, but hopefully I will one day have a book, and then anyone interested can read all about it!
Having participated in NaNoWriMo once (under a different name) I have learned that the best way to get a novel written is simply to WRITE every day. Even if most of what comes out is crap sometimes, there will be far more of value than you might think. Aim for 1667 words a day. If you are a writer and have never done NaNoWriMo, you should. You will learn valuable lessons, I guarantee it!
In other news, I've started a MySpace account, if anyone cares to "friend" me there!